January 30, 2011

New review of Salt. A fine installment in the action film genre. Set-up to be another Bourne franchise, time will tell if this Salt keeps well.

Swan Soup

January 29, 2011

A new review of Black Swan.

A total thumbs-up for the contributed review, and … a thumbs-down for the film.

Want to experience an insightful insight into madness? Try Apocalypse Now, for example. As a superficial exposition, Black Swan offers a monotonic insight into this world.

Good performance(s), and not much more.

Good dragon

January 24, 2011

New review for How To Train Your Dragon. Good dragon!

All right. Really?

January 23, 2011

A review of The Kids Are All Right – the most unfunny comedy of the year! Good performances, weak story. Annette Bening was solid.

We’re off to town

January 23, 2011

As Oscar season begins (nominations for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards are due out next week), we begin the annual season of reviews, pontification, dreams and complaints. To start: a review of a refreshing, successful and surprisingly enjoyable entry among the cadre of underwhelming 2010 films, “The Town“. Bravo!

ps. farewell Pete. You were always a joy to watch, and you are missed.


January 22, 2011

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards posters are available –! This year, a number of versions are available online, either to order or print (the latter is a nice addition!). However, I  must say I’m underwhelmed – no year (2011), Award number (83rd) – so the poster will be effectively meaningless in the years to come. Also, not a very inspiring design –  a decline that continues from  recent years. Having said that, I get the “official” poster every year, and so here it is:

83rd Annual Academy Awards poster