Movin’ On

February 25, 2009

A few updates today: party deconstruction continues, albeit at a reduced pace. Real-life came back for both SpacedCowboy and MovieGirl, so the schedule slipped a bit, but progress was nevertheless made:

  • The bar is back to its (lamentable) home. This happened before 7am this morning.
  • Drink cart is back in its spot (still laden with drinks, though!). Also done before 7am.
  • I’ve pulled aside empty bottles of the Oscar wine, to pull the labels and add to my album of memorable wines/labels!
  • Recycling/garbage day in our area of Pasadena; our bins are full.
  • More leftovers were consumed. Yum-o!

Important request: one party guest may have lost her glasses! Please check your bags, clothes, etc. for the following:

A pair of wire-rimmed glasses

Please let me know ASAP if you’ve found these!!!!

We’ve also started going through the extraordinarily kind gifts guests brought to the party. I want to open all of the wine tonight (but, don’t worry, I won’t. I’ll save at least one bottle for Wednesday night… Hee. But seriously, THANK YOU!)

Also thanks for the kind statuette, books, candy, and … martini olive picks (thanks, LadyOscar23/CB450SC!). Everything was very, very, very much appreciated. You all rock.


February 24, 2009

February 23, 2009 (Monday, 9pm):

What a show! What a party!

Some degree of normalcy has returned to my life (but note, only some), and I am able to reflect on not only the last 24 hours, but also the last week, the last month, and … the last year: 2008 … at the movies!

It culminated last night in a fantastic party (if I do say so myself): the OscarsinBlackandWhite in Pasadena! Such a treat for me to see so many  friends & family, united in an expression of fellowship and celebration of the movies. And … ohmiblog, everyone was, and looked, gorgeous. Call me shallow, but growing up in a relatively low populated, modest, rural environment, such glamor was the stuff of dreams. And it was a dream come true to celebrate such a wonderful evening with my friends and family. Thank you!

I can honestly say that I am convinced the 81st Annual Academy Awards was the best Oscar ceremony I’ve seen in many years. So many thoughtful, moving and fun elements returned:

  • The Host! I am more than willing to admit that I had my doubts about Wolverine hosting the Oscars. And I am more than willing to admit that my reservations were completely unfounded. He was fantastic. Charismatic? Certainly – that was implicit, and I never doubted he would be charming. Funny? Totally. Surprising? Completely. Although I knew he had a background in musical theater, I hadn’t appreciated how wonderfully talented he is as a singer, dancer and stage persona. Hugh rocked. And not only did he give a memorable performance, he gave it all. Hugh was 100% (and more) committed to his role, and he did it in spades. Bravo, Hugh – you made my night.
  • The presentations: I was moved. Moved by the touching idea to have some of the acting icons of our time give a personal, individual introduction to the acting nominees. It was deeply, deeply moving.
  • The time limits: I have no independent confirmation of this, but it seemed to me that the producers did not strictly enforce time limits in the acceptance speeches. And the ceremony still clipped along and concluded in a timely fashion. Bravo. This apparent relaxation to the “rules” also allowed for more moving speeches, beyond the traditional “I’d like to kiss everyone’s ass who made this film possible, and who will make it possible for ME again next year…”
  • The movies: who knew that movies of the modern era could actually incorporate the basic elements of great storytelling? It turns out, they can. And so you can kiss my purple butt, “The Departed”, “There Will be Blood”,  “No Country for Old Men”, and you other lazy movies of years gone by.

On a more local note, the party deconstruction has begun. I unplugged all the TVs, wound the cords, and repackaged all the (evil) digital cable boxes. In one of life’s ironies, we actually don’t watch TV  (at all), so they all go to deep storage until … the next Academy Awards!

I also moved the chairs to storage, brought in the red carpets, and took down the poster from the arrival photo area.

We had leftovers (Gerlach’s!) for lunch and dinner today, and I know what my lunch tomorrow will be as well.

One minor tragedy: we underestimated the popularity of the Fosselman’s ice cream at the party, so MovieGirl has just returned from an emergency run to Fosselman’s (Main St., Alhambra) for our pudding tonight.

What’s next on this blog:

  • photos from the party!
  • the tallies of “Who Should Win?”, “Who Did Win”, and SpacedCowboy’s selections

Good night, and Good Luck.

The Calm Before the Storm

February 22, 2009

1pm, Sunday, February 22.

Everything is ready, except for this one last post, and picking up the food at 2pm.

Whew. Spent the morning putting a tarp over the back porch (in case of rain), and various chores around the house. Discovered that analog and digital TV broadcasts are out of phase, so had to move some of the digital boxes around. Hate digital.

Last night was a bit of a panic, as I spent over an hour trying to figure out, again, how to tie a bowtie. Got it now, and I vow to practise at least one per month for the next year. Gotta build up some muscle memory!

After the event, I’ll post my choices for the various awards, as well as the choices of the party from the “Who Should Win” ballot. Preview of my predisposition: I’m slumming it.

One last Best Picture video to post prior to the party; the trailer for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”:

Bring it on, Wolverine.

Almost there. Almost there…

February 22, 2009

New reviews “Revolutionary Road” by SpacedCowboy, and “Milk” by Moviegirl.

We’re going to try and plow through “The Changeling” tonight, but with 2hr 21min duration, we may not make it, especially given it’s less than 24 hours to curtain! Clint: get another editor!!!!

Party prep is almost complete: all chairs, TVs, tables, etc are deployed. Just need to set-up the tent by the entrance, and cover the back porch with a tarp (30% chance of rain…)

Here’s the trailer for Best Picture nominee “Frost/Nixon”:

Fight On!

February 21, 2009

New review for “The Wrestler” (thank you, CB450SC)!

Read On!

February 20, 2009

New review for Best Picture nominee, “The Reader” (and video of the trailer). Thanks LadyOscar23!

Reviews pending for The Wrestler, and Milk. Stand-by!

The Beat Goes On

February 20, 2009

T-minus 3 days:


  • Catering ordered! And I am pleased to announce that the OscarsinBlackandWhite has it’s first ever official party sponsor: Gerlach’s Grill. Yes, Gerlach’s has been providing the food for the Oscar party for years. It is now under new ownership – the chef, who has worked there for the last 15 years, has taken over the business. Gerlach’s is  highly recommended – at the corner of Fair Oaks/Glenarm, they have a wonderful selection of Lebanese food, traditional American/Mexican food offerings, and Gerlach’s liquor – in the same building – has a great selection of wine! The new owner gave us a substantial discount on the food this year, and we are pleased to thank and recognize him here! The menu:
    • Appetizers: falafel, stuffed grape leaves (custom made – it’s no longer on the menu), hummus, tabbouleh
    • Main course: chicken kabobs, salad
    • Dessert: Fosselman’s ice cream sundaes
  • Back porch cleaned, and TV are deployed
  • Printable ballots printed
  • “Who Should Win” poster ready
  • White board with bar selections ready

As the countdown continues, here is the trailer for Best Picture nominee “Slumdog Millionaire”!

Blue, Black and White

February 19, 2009

T-minus 4 days!

Updates for today:

  • Thought I was finished with errands, but … went to OSH today and got two more garbage cans; one white (for trash) and one blue (recyclables – and yes, I know, “blue” is neither “black” nor “white”, but it’s a sacrifice I’ll make so that plastic ends up where it should.)
  • Kitchen TVs deployed. Had some trouble with the digital converter box and associated powered antenna, but swearing, threats and the fear of raw parsnips prevailed.
  • Weather forecast for Sunday is … chance of showers, so, asked for help from my friend BH with tents for the arrival photo area.
  • Made a wrong turn on Fair Oaks, and so missed placing the catering order. TOMORROW (Thursday) – I promise! And a menu update will follow…

To close, the preview for Best Picture nominee; “Milk”:

Flying Rocks!

February 18, 2009

New review today, by a new reviewer (rocksgowhoosh): “Rachel Getting Married”. Thanks, Rocky!

Party status update: main room projector, TVs and furniture deployed. All errands completed (Smart & Final, BevMo, Pavilions, Target, Best Buy, etc.) And …. an important update: the bar is stocked and ready!!!


Next steps: will order catering tomorrow (Wed), and will work on arrival photo area.

Plan to review only two more movies before the main event: “The Wrester” and “Revolutionary Road”. The rest are up to you!


February 16, 2009

New review today: “Wanted

Also started moving the furniture around in anticipation of the party, and the first TV came out of deep storage!