The Beat Goes On

T-minus 3 days:


  • Catering ordered! And I am pleased to announce that the OscarsinBlackandWhite has it’s first ever official party sponsor: Gerlach’s Grill. Yes, Gerlach’s has been providing the food for the Oscar party for years. It is now under new ownership – the chef, who has worked there for the last 15 years, has taken over the business. Gerlach’s is  highly recommended – at the corner of Fair Oaks/Glenarm, they have a wonderful selection of Lebanese food, traditional American/Mexican food offerings, and Gerlach’s liquor – in the same building – has a great selection of wine! The new owner gave us a substantial discount on the food this year, and we are pleased to thank and recognize him here! The menu:
    • Appetizers: falafel, stuffed grape leaves (custom made – it’s no longer on the menu), hummus, tabbouleh
    • Main course: chicken kabobs, salad
    • Dessert: Fosselman’s ice cream sundaes
  • Back porch cleaned, and TV are deployed
  • Printable ballots printed
  • “Who Should Win” poster ready
  • White board with bar selections ready

As the countdown continues, here is the trailer for Best Picture nominee “Slumdog Millionaire”!

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