The nominations:

  • Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role: Ellen Page
  • Achievement in Directing: Jason Reitman
  • Best Motion Picture of the Year: Lianne Halfon, Mason Novick and Russell Smith, Producers
  • Original Screenplay: Diablo Cody

The Black-and-White:

Thank Blog for Juno.

This is a great movie; a movie that got everything right: compelling story, a compelling journey for the characters, fun for the audience, introspection, suspense, music, cinematography, direction. Ohmiblog: I’m almost talking myself into a best picture Oscar for Juno! Well … maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Here is the plot synopsis from oscar.com:

When Juno, a smart, outspoken sixteen-year-old, finds herself pregnant, she decides to give the baby up for adoption. As her pregnancy progresses, she spends time with the baby’s prospective adoptive parents, Mark and Vanessa Loring, until her growing bond with Mark begins to take a turn that could throw everyone’s plans into chaos.

Let me say first that the plot synopsis above is a horrible disservice to the film. As I watched the film, I … worried that the plot would evolve in such a predictable way: Would she? Wouldn’t she? Would they?


Thankfully the story was more nuanced than that. There were many opportunities for the plot to follow such an easy path: teenage girl and baby reunite with true love (blah); adoptive, reluctant parents reconcile (barf); or even: 16 year old girl choses life, her life, over baby (I can’t politically correctly say “yeech” so let me say instead … “not as interesting as the path chosen”).

This movie entertained, surprised, explored, and was genuine and unique. Bravo!

Well acted. Beautiful screenplay; a definite nod is deserved there.

Best actress? At time of writing I understand that Julie Christie is the acknowledged favorite, and she may very well deserve to win. I won’t know, since I have chosen not to view the film Away From Her because it may strike too close to home in my personal life. But … I have seen enough films, and especially enough performances by very capable actresses, to say that, without doubt, Ellen Page delivered a performance fully and absolutely worthy of an Academy Award.

My practical self thinks that, as a breakout performance, she is a long shot to actually win. Like Viggo as Best Actor, a more established body of work may help her (and his) chances. However, if the award was given only due to the performance of this year, I am an enthusiastic supporter.

So … since I’m trending this way already, let me focus my comments with respect to the nominations:

Best Actress: very, very deserving. I hope she wins. Practically speaking, though, probably a long-shot.

Achievement in Directing: again I would say most deserving. More than any film I’ve seen thus far. Practically speaking, however, probably an outside chance.

Best Motion Picture of the Year: Juno is this year’s Little Miss Sunshine. And if any of you guffaw about Little Miss Sunshine, step into my Delorean, and let’s go back a year and rewatch that morceau du merde that was and is The Departed. Oh yeah, now you remember, and you know I’m right. Not every Best Picture movie needs to be a film noir. Juno is the real deal. Oui. Ja. Si. Da. (OK, I’m still locked in Eastern Promises land – help!) So in case you don’t speak American let me be crystal clear: Juno is the Best Motion Picture of the Year.

Original Screenplay: it’s a lock. Someone (Diablo Cody) finally remembered how to write a great movie.

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