85th Annual Academy Awards

Best Picture:

Best Supporting Actor:

Best Supporting Actress:

Best Director:

Best Actor:

Best Actress:

Best Original Screenplay:

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Best Animated Feature:

Best Foreign Feature:

  • “Amour” – Austria
  • “A Royal Affair” – Denmark
  • “Kon-Tiki” – Norway
  • “No” – Chile
  • “War Witch” – Canada

Best Visual Effects:

Best Cinematography:

  • “Skyfall” – Roger Deakins
  • “Anna Karenina” – Seamus McGarvey
  • “Django Unchained” – Robert Richardson
  • “Life of Pi” – Claudio Miranda
  • “Lincoln” – Janusz Kaminski

Best Costume Design:

Best Documentary Feature:

Best Documentary Short:

  • “Open Heart” – Kief Davidson and Cori Shepherd Stern
  • “Inocente” – Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine
  • “Redemption” – Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill
  • “Kings Point” – Sari Gilman and Jedd Wider
  • “Mondays at Racine” – Cynthia Wade and Robin Honan

Best Film Editing:

Best Makeup and Hairstyling:

Best Music (Original Score):

Best Music (Original Song):

Best Production Design:

Best Short Film, Animated:

Best Short Film, Live Action:

  • “Asad” – Bryan Buckley and Mino Jarjoura
  • “Buzkashi Boys” – Sam French and Ariel Nasr
  • “Curfew” – Shawn Christensen
  • “Death of a Shadow (Dood van een Schaduw)” – Tom Van Avermaet and Ellen De Waele
  • “Henry” – Yan England

Best Sound Editing:

Best Sound Mixing:

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