Adam and Dog

The Nominations:

  • Best Short Film, Animated

The Black-and-White:

A review by spacedcowboy:

In these words, I am going to repeat some of my thoughts expressed in my review of Head Over Heels, also nominated in this category. Both are excellent films, with my nod going to Head Over Heels for its multilayered use of animation to tell a complex story of the ages. However Adam and Dog similarly finds a larger story arc and excels in this most competitive category.

This year I am thankful for many things. Among these is my discovery and appreciation for this category: Short Film, Animated. Some of the best work I’ve seen for some time is being done here.

Adam and Dog tells the story of … Adam (yes that Adam – first man) and dog (first dog?) In their first encounter, the elements of what is now a familiar relationship between man and dog are expressed in a novel, fresh and unique voice that allows us to wonder if we are enjoying that first encounter ourselves?

Adam meets dog before he meets Eve so he is still enjoying the … freedom of exploring Eden as first man did, before he discovered fig leaves and Armani. The first encounter is sweet, and yet not completely easy as one may expect. Adam is finding the world for the first time, and dog is only one of the wonders he encounters. Still, a connection is made and dog gives his loyalty instantly, as only a dog can do.

The film recounts their subsequent adventures and a bittersweet encounter with Eve, when man has to chose, as he has through the ages, woman or dog. Ultimately, although the garden of Eden is lost, the story takes us to a place where man, woman and dog find their eternal roles together.

The animation was superb, and I give a special nod to capturing the joyful and fearful spirit of dog. If this movie soars on any element, it is in giving us the dogs-eye view of the world faithfully and ever so sweetly.

This is a solid and wonderful short. I think the use of animation and the depth of story in Head Over Heels gives it the edge, but Adam and Dog is a worthy entry in a competitive category.


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