Blue, Black and White

T-minus 4 days!

Updates for today:

  • Thought I was finished with errands, but … went to OSH today and got two more garbage cans; one white (for trash) and one blue (recyclables – and yes, I know, “blue” is neither “black” nor “white”, but it’s a sacrifice I’ll make so that plastic ends up where it should.)
  • Kitchen TVs deployed. Had some trouble with the digital converter box and associated powered antenna, but swearing, threats and the fear of raw parsnips prevailed.
  • Weather forecast for Sunday is … chance of showers, so, asked for help from my friend BH with tents for the arrival photo area.
  • Made a wrong turn on Fair Oaks, and so missed placing the catering order. TOMORROW (Thursday) – I promise! And a menu update will follow…

To close, the preview for Best Picture nominee; “Milk”:

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