Movin’ On

A few updates today: party deconstruction continues, albeit at a reduced pace. Real-life came back for both SpacedCowboy and MovieGirl, so the schedule slipped a bit, but progress was nevertheless made:

  • The bar is back to its (lamentable) home. This happened before 7am this morning.
  • Drink cart is back in its spot (still laden with drinks, though!). Also done before 7am.
  • I’ve pulled aside empty bottles of the Oscar wine, to pull the labels and add to my album of memorable wines/labels!
  • Recycling/garbage day in our area of Pasadena; our bins are full.
  • More leftovers were consumed. Yum-o!

Important request: one party guest may have lost her glasses! Please check your bags, clothes, etc. for the following:

A pair of wire-rimmed glasses

Please let me know ASAP if you’ve found these!!!!

We’ve also started going through the extraordinarily kind gifts guests brought to the party. I want to open all of the wine tonight (but, don’t worry, I won’t. I’ll save at least one bottle for Wednesday night… Hee. But seriously, THANK YOU!)

Also thanks for the kind statuette, books, candy, and … martini olive picks (thanks, LadyOscar23/CB450SC!). Everything was very, very, very much appreciated. You all rock.

3 Responses to Movin’ On

  1. ladyoscar23 says:

    I really enjoyed the party–the food, the conversation, Hugh Jackman…but I also wanted to say thank you for letting me contribute to this blog in a small way. It was great to feel compelled to see as many of the films as possible just so I could come here and read/talk about them; it made even the ones that kind of sucked entertaining.

  2. spacedcowboy says:

    LadyO!!!! We super-appreciated your comments and reviews as well! You’ve been officially promoted to the “Founder’s Circle” of”. You have the “keys to the blog” – and in case of emergency, the party will be at your place next year …. 😉

  3. ladyoscar23 says:

    Yeah, but since I’m a well-known misanthrope, I’m afraid the guest list would have to be a lot shorter. And furrier.

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