The Calm Before the Storm

1pm, Sunday, February 22.

Everything is ready, except for this one last post, and picking up the food at 2pm.

Whew. Spent the morning putting a tarp over the back porch (in case of rain), and various chores around the house. Discovered that analog and digital TV broadcasts are out of phase, so had to move some of the digital boxes around. Hate digital.

Last night was a bit of a panic, as I spent over an hour trying to figure out, again, how to tie a bowtie. Got it now, and I vow to practise at least one per month for the next year. Gotta build up some muscle memory!

After the event, I’ll post my choices for the various awards, as well as the choices of the party from the “Who Should Win” ballot. Preview of my predisposition: I’m slumming it.

One last Best Picture video to post prior to the party; the trailer for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”:

Bring it on, Wolverine.

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