Another review added today (Tropic Thunder) by a new guest reviewer – thank you LadyOscar23!

And things are progressing for the 22nd:

  • Invitations: check.
  • Bartender: Kevin will be back again this year, with hand-stuffed olives for the martinis. Hic.
  • Catering: waiting for final guest list, but Gerlach’s is standing by. Check.
  • Reviews: more or less up-to-date. Only a few pending.
  • Poster: at the printers for mounting. Check.
  • New tie, vest: in the capable hands of UPS. Check.
  • TVs: will get two more digital converter boxes today (just in case)  and will inherit another TV for the mix – thank you, astrobabe. Check!
  • Movies: have seen 3/5 best picture nominess (will see the 4th tomorrow), and 18+ nominated films overall. More work to do here!

T-minus 15 days to curtain!


One Response to Set

  1. rocksgowhoosh says:

    *waves* Yes, well I’m just happy to have the TV out of the bedroom!

    (and yes this is astrobabe but she can’t get either variant of her username here nor has she been able to login with her openID from LJ or vox. Boo)

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